Divorce During The War

Skyrybos karo metu

2026 | fiction | 100 min | Lithuania.

Amidst a disillusioned director’s Vytas creative crisis and his wife’s hidden affair with her best girlfriend, their marriage hangs by a thread. After Marija’s revelation of wanting a breakup, a full-scale invasion by Russia starts in Ukraine – their lives are plunged into a total uncertainty. Forced to confront their crumbling relationship, they navigate through the process of divorce with the profound impact of war. In this story of love and betrayal, they find some resilience, drawing strength from the ear-splitting world around them


Director & writer Andrius Baležvičius
Producer Marija Razgutė
Associate producer Brigita Beniušytė
Production company M-Films
Cinematographer Narvydas Naujalis
Co-production Bionaut
With the support of Lithuanian National Television and Radio, Lithuanian Film Centre

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