Marija Razgutė

Founder & Producer, M-Films


Being founder of the compnay, over the 15 years of being in film industry, I’ve served as a major producer for five feature films and three as a minority producer, alongside crafting ten short films spanning fiction, documentary, and animation. Additionally, I’ve been actively engaged as a minority co-producer since 2016, collaborating with Spain, France, Latvia, Germany, Georgia, Poland on various projects.

My commitment to the industry extends beyond production, as evidenced by my membership in the Independent Producers Association of Lithuania since 2011. I’ve held a position on the Board since 2016. A continuous learner, I graduated from MAIA Workshops in 2013-2014, EAVE Producers Workshop in 2016, and earned distinctions as Producer on the Move in 2020, ACE Producers in 2020, and ACE Leadership in 2022. Proudly affiliated with the European Film Academy since 2015 and a member of EWA Network since 2018, I’ve also taken on the role of host at Pop Up Film Residency Vilnius since 2020. This year I was elected as a new member of the European Film Academy Board with a mandate for 2024-2025.