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Year 2015
Genre Animation
Country Lithuania
Director Ignas Meilūnas
Rating -

“Woods” (“Miškas”)

2015 | animation | 23 min. | Lithuania

An old hunter naturalist tries to capture a mythical night-luminous forest man and fill his exclusive collection. The naturalist is building a trap, but he soon finds himself in a harsh situation.

Director: Ignas Meilūnas

Scriptwriter: Ignas Meilūnas

DOP: Simonas Glinskis

Editing: Ignas Meilūnas

Sound director: Julius Grigelionis

Composer: Vytautas Leistrumas

Producers: Ingrida Kolytė – Stašinskė, Ignas Meilūnas, Kristina Ramanauskaitė, Ramojus Petrauskas, Aurimas Pukevičius, Marija Razgutė

Production companies: „WRKS“, M-Films