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Year 2019
Genre Animation
Country Lithuania
Director Ignas Meilūnas
Rating -


2019 | animation | 12 min. | Lithuania

“Matilda” is an ironic tale of learning and ability to think independently in bright colors and expressive characters. Matilda is a student of the hinges of elementary classes, the best in the class and the teacher’s darling. Instead of dying outdoors, Matilda lets them draw time to the desk, learning from one book one after another. But it turns out that in order to be the most intelligent girl in the world, one head is not enough. Matilda’s head blinded by information, the girl’s mother ordered a new head from the store, which easily accommodates not only the school theme about white whiskers, but also the birthday greetings for the tetuite, the train schedule and the entire town phone book. It seems that the problem is over, and the next day Matilda bravely goes to classify what she has learned. But an unexpected problem arises – the teacher begins to question not about the bear, but about the crocodiles. The girl can not remember a word – after all she left the old head with the learned theme about crocodiles at home! While reddening for the dying double, Matilda realizes that nowadays, both heads will have to be worn everywhere. However, after a lesson on the birthday of tethe, the new head is lost. While Matilda’s mother is looking for her lost head, Matilda continues her learning from the surrounding environment, not from the books. Finally, not having an alternate head, the girl is determined to face her fears and goes back to class before, but this time – her own words.

Director: Ignas Meilūnas

Scriptwriter: Ignas Meilūnas

DOP: Simonas Glinskis

Animators: Anni Oje, Ignas Meilūnas

Production designer: Antanas Dubra

Sound director: Julius Grigelionis

Producer: Marija Razgutė

Production company: M-Films