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Karolis Kaupinis’s project selected to Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2021!


The official selection of the Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2021, taking place on 24-25 November proves that, despite the challenging times, filmmakers have continued to put hard work and dedication into the development of their projects. As Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event’s focus country this year is the United Kingdom, the UK is represented with two projects.

Marge Liiske, the head of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, said that the global pandemic has had an effect on the selection, with it being somewhat smaller than last year despite still receiving a high number of submissions, as the projects need more attention and care. „We are excited to host such an array of award-winning filmmakers, among them seven female directors, and established producers – a number of whom have presented their projects at Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event before.”

FAKE NEWS, written and directed by Karolis Kaupinis, produced by Marija Razgutė, M-Films, Lithuania.