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M-Films goes sustainable with AI!


In an ever-evolving technological landscape, embracing AI can offer significant advantages over traditional methods. This notion was exemplified recently as M-Films hosted a specialized training session for the company that centered around incorporating artificial intelligence into their creative processes, aiming for sustainability and enhanced efficiency.

The workshop highlighted that the shift towards AI isn’t about replacing human creativity with algorithms, but rather augmenting the capabilities of filmmakers. The goal is to set new standards of quality while maintaining ethical practices and minimizing environmental impact.

During the session, participants explored various AI tools that could potentially transform their workflow. The discussion was not just about the tools themselves, but how to integrate them thoughtfully into their projects, ensuring that these high-tech solutions do not overshadow the human touch that is so vital in storytelling.

The trainer emphasized the importance of understanding these technologies rather than fearing them. „It’s thrilling to work with different organizations because, despite many similarities, there are countless differences in how they apply these practices,” the trainer noted. 

M-Films’ proactive approach in adopting and adapting AI technologies sets a compelling example for others in the industry. It’s a clear message: the future is here, and it’s powered by intelligence — both human and artificial. As the industry moves forward, such initiatives not only enhance the creative process but also promise a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to filmmaking.


This project was co-funded by the European Union’s Single Market Programme.