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Spotlight on Lithuania: Brigita Beniušytė to Present M-Films at FIDLab


For the upcoming 15th edition, FIDLab is presenting a Focus on Lithuania, organized in collaboration with the Lithuanian Film Centre. To promote contemporary Lithuanian cinema, three producers from the most innovative and dynamic production companies in Lithuania are invited to present their current projects to industry professionals in attendance. This will also be an excellent opportunity to establish the groundwork for the upcoming Season of Lithuania in France in 2024. 

For this Lithuanian focus, 3 producers are invited to present their projects – Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė (Just A Moment), Justė Michailinaitė (Broom Films) and Brigita Beniušytė, who will be representing M-Films!


More info: https://fidmarseille.org/fidlab/fidlab-2023/