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The world premiere of the film „Trot” took place at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival


The world premiere of the feature film „Trot” („Risčia”, directed by Xacio Baño) took place at the 71st International Locarno Film Festival. Co-production film of Lithuania (M-Films) and Spain (Frida Films S. L.) together with other 7 films competed in the international competition program Concorso Cineasti del presente („Today’s Directors”). This program is for the first and second director‘s feature films.

The film „Trot” by the Spanish director Xacio Baño, tells of an impossible escape. The main hero – a closed, hard way hunted Carme, with her parents living in a small village in Spain. Carme works in the bakery and is dreaming of escaping from this difficult, suppressing environment, but the circumstances keep her alert. One day in a neighboring town, the hotel takes her to work. This time the leg of the fate is over – the mother of Karme dies. It is a pity to take care of the rest of the father, whose behavior reveals the signs of early mental illness. The action of the film is the festive „Rapa das Bestas” – an archaic human and horse fight where a person strives to mark a wild horse and thus fascinate him – at the weekend. Carme’s mother died just three days ago, so memories are still alive and the dull atmosphere of mourning resides at home. But life does not stop and the village is preparing for the celebration.

According to the director, the most important thing in the movie „Trot” is the feelings. In the drama, conflicts in this film often remain unresolved. The film is lavished on that thin line, when the characters are forced to stand up with their decisions.

Lithuanian creators contributed to the creation of the film by producing audio and video post-production – sound directors Julius Grigelionis and Vytis Puronas and colorist Linas Dabriška.

The film was funded by the Galicia Regional Production Fund AGADIC, the Galicia Regional Television TVG and the Lithuanian Film Center.