Dog’s Life

„Dog‘s Life“ („Šuns dienos“)

2013 | fiction | 24 min. | Lithuania

Dalia is fifty, she lives in a large detached house of soviet architecture together with her retired mum. Dalia‘s daughter studies in another town and Dalia relies on her advice and support in every situation. Unexpectedly the retired mum is sent to the hospital for tests and Dalia is stays alone at home. A random idea to release their guard dog for a free run around ends up in disaster – the dog’s run over by a car. A dog burial issue becomes a real challenge for a woman, who has never experienced what the self-suficiency is.

Director: Ieva Veiverytė

DOP: Narvydas Naujalis

Scriptwriters: Ieva Veiverytė, Teklė Kavtaradzė

Editing: Ieva Veiverytė

Sound director: Sigita Visockaitė

Production designer: Audrius Dumikas

Producer: Marija Razgutė

Cast: Vesta Grabštaitė, Laimutė Štrimaitytė

Production company: M-Films

The nomination:

• Lithuanian Film Academy Awards ‘Silver Crane’ 2012 – Best Lithuanian Short Film