Otar’s Death

„Otar’s Death“ („Gyvenimo kaina“)

2020 | fiction | 106 min. | Germany, Georgia, Lithuania

Otar’s Death tells the story of Keti (36) and her son Nika (16), who find themselves in a difficult situation when Nika hits an old man in a car accident. The victim’s family promise to refrain from pressing charges against Nika if he compensates their loss in cash. Within a single day Keti has to raise a large amount of money to prevent her son Nika from being imprisoned. An unexpected turn gives the drama a tragicomical air.

Director: Ioseb Soso Bliadze

Screenwriters: Elmar Imanov, Ioseb Bliadze

DOP: Dimitri Dekanosidze

Production designer: Kote Japaridze

Composer: Domas Strupinskas

Producers: Eva Blondiau (Germany), Elmar Imanov (Germany), Lasha Khalvashi (Georgia), Marija Razgutė (Lithuania)

Production companies: Color of May (Germany), Maisis Peri (Georgia), M-Films (Lithuania)