„Trot“ („Risčia“)

2018 | feature | 86 min. | Spain, Lithuania

Carme, a reserved, solitary girl, difficult to get on with, lives in a mountain village in the interior of Galicia with her father, Ramón, with whom she hardly communicates, and her ill mother. Carme works in a bakery. She dreams that one day she will escape from this stuffy, oppressive atmosphere. However, she has always been held back by circumstances. She wants to trot. To run away. Now, just a few days ago, her job application for a hotel in a nearby town was accepted.
Trot takes place on the weekend of the Rapa das Bestas festival, the ancestral struggle between man and horse. The festival preparations begin around the village. Luis, Carme’s older brother, who works in Madrid, and his wife, María, who is four months pregnant, are staying at the house for the holiday.
Trot is the struggle between man and horse, between reason and instinct.

Director: Xacio Baño

Scriptwriters: Diego Ameixeiras, Xacio Baño

DOP: Lucia Catoira Pan

Production designer: Maria Rodriguez Lolo

Composer: Rytis Koreniukas

Producer: Luisa Romeo (Ispanija)

Co-producer: Marija Razgutė (Lietuva)

Production companies: Frida Films (Spain), M-Films (Lithuanian)