Out of Sync


2021 | fiction | 103 min | Spain, Lithuania, France
OUT OF SYNC tells the story of a female character named C who, as a film sound designer, experiences seizures of sensory (visual and auditory) discrepancies that escalate into absolute imbalances. About a person searching for her place in the world by unexpected means, in addition to popular psychology books. Eventually, C will learn to live in the present again.


Director Juanjo Giménez
Script writers Juanjo Giménez, Pere Altimira Terol
Cinematographer Pere Pueyo
Production designer Maria Rodriguez Lolo
Composer Domas Strupinskas
Producer Luisa Romeo (Spain)
Co-producers Marija Razgutė (Lithuania), Birgit Kemner (France)
Production companies Frida Films (Spain), M-Films (Lithuania), Manny Films (France